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A COOP case study

Inprint solution for COOP supermarkets

For COOP supermarkets, we developed the measure made Inprint solution within the Retailware platform. It enables local stores to instantly produce their local Point Of Sale materials and put them to work. 

COOP’s challenges 

Effective production of POS materials aligned with their corporate identity

Having a large number of FMCG’s on offer every week, COOP Supermarkets communicates with consumers via promotional folders, postersadin local newspapers, online and in their stores. These outings are produced centrally and sent to the stores in a weekly promotional package. 

As COOP distinguishes itself as a local formula, local offers play an important role. How to enable stores to produce their own local POS efficiently yet aligned with COOP’s corporate identity?

Our solution

Composing POS materials directly online

With Retailware’s Inprint solution, we allow local COOP retailers to compose their own POS materials directly online and print them on preprinted paper. Easy, fast and effective. Supportive facts & figures: about 325 stores produce a minimum of 1,725 ​​cards every weekwithin 2 days. 


Advantages for the client

  • Maximum support and freedom for local entrepreneurship. 
  • Correct use of corporate identity strengthens COOP’s brand formula. 
  • Sustainable local production of POS materials. 
  • Preprinted paper contributes to quality and unity. 
  • 24/7 availability, direct use of deliverables. 

How does it work?

Template-driven online layout module

The Inprint solution for COOP is based on the AdFlow module of Retailware. It is a template-driven online layout module. The design of the various POS materials is offered as an Adobe InDesign document. Our Retailware content team converts this layout into an intelligent template. Based on layout requirements, functionality is added to either the template or to the user interface. 

This way, we developed a specific user interface for every specific outing, allowing the end user to produce the material the store needs. The central marketing department can adjust local authorizations per end user, to stay in control.  


Would you like to know how Retailware can help maximize results of your business? Do not hesitate to contact us. 

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