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A Makro case study

A smooth catalog process for B2B-retailer Makro

Wholesale retailer Makro Nederland sells food and non-food products to all kinds of businesses. For the catering market, they produce online and printed catalogues. This was a time-consuming process, which we speeded up with a measure-made Retailware solution.

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Makro’s challenge

Simplifying and speeding up catalog productions

Makro supplies a total package of food and non-food products to the wide range of catering companies in the Netherlands, from sports canteens to star restaurants. 

As Makro aims to inspire this specific target group, they use specific catalogs both online and in print. The production of these catalogs used to be a time-consuming process, starting with collecting input from category managers to the final push on send or print button.

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Our solution

Retailware to the rescue

At Makro’s request, we extensively automated the entire production process for the catering market catalogs. This was possible by combining three modules of Retailware:

AssetFlow (DAM), Product Control Center and Catalog Builder.


Advantages for our client

  • Real-time overview of available and missing product images per catalog.
  • Practical tools for managing images and product information, based on one unified source.
  • Category managers are in the lead: they can easily and quickly make catalogs themselves.
  • Multiple grids are possible, for both web and print.
  • The process is completely automated and web-based.

How does it work?

3 solid catalog building blocks

Our DAM system


This module offers a central storage for all images. It automatically performs quality checks and converts the images to the required image specifications for the specific export channels. A red background immediately shows images that do not meet the standards.

Our PIM system

Product Control Center

With this image management tool, authorized users, for example category managers, can drag images from an import to an export channel. The images are automatically synchronized for the chosen channel. PCC also offers tools to, for example, request a (replacement) product image from a supplier or to request products to be photographed. Uploading on the spot? The predefined process is automatically started to guarantee the quality and specifications of the images.

Our builder

Catalog Builder

After defining the desired catalog, by choosing one of the available formats, the pages can be filled with products by selecting and drag & drop on a position on the catalog page. By editing a product, all product information, including additional logos, is available. 

 This overview also renders the product and previews it in the end result. Red marked area’s alert users that they have used more characters than can be displayed. The shelf-view option shows an overview of all pages; pages can be inserted or deleted on the spot. It only takes one push of a button to generate versions for print (CMYK with crop marks) and online use (sRGB without crop marks, with links to the webshop). 


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