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A VIA Outlets case study

Gearing up corporate brand power for VIA Outlets

VIA Outlets, the leading fashion outlet company with a number of quality fashion outlet centers in 9 countries, has a unique market position, combining global fashion brands with an appealing local offer. Retailware helps the company to strengthen the corporate brand experience in all countries.

The challenge

How to benefit from best practices

VIA Outlets’ main challenge was how to make use of lessons learned in the different countries it has fashion outlet centers. Not just on paper, but in the centers themselves, in order to provide visitors with a unique shopping experience. VIA Outlets’ strategy is to combine the best of global and local quality brands in a welcoming, high quality environment. This requires a strong yet flexible corporate identity.

Our solution

One tool for all local users

During workshops with various stakeholders within the company, we identified the needs and defined the different user groups that had to be supported in the marketing content process. 

This covers a variety of different content types. From super high-res imagery to video, PDF files, Adobe InDesign packages for pre-produced artwork and more.

Retailware offered the basic tools, extended with a flexible yet maximally supporting decentral user-management feature. This way, the independent local centers can work with the tool themselves, with maximum freedom, control and speed. This was completed with user groups on corporate level.


Advantages for the client

  • All marketing content is grouped and shared via one, easily accessible online platform, including ‘success stories’ that can be used in other countries.
  • All stakeholders involved in production of marketing materials can upload approved content, set expiration dates and make assets available for download.
  • Agencies and artwork studios across the globe can find all materials they need to create locally adapted content.
  • Corporate and local marketing have user-friendly tools that help them make content for an improved local marketing presence.
  • The corporate brand identity is guaranteed due to the fully automated process, with pre-set specifications for all media channels.

How does it work

VIA Outlets’ international portal

Our DAM system


We developed a measure made solution based on AssetFlow, Retailware’s Digital Asset Management system (DAM), to support different organisation levels and disciplines: 

  • Corporate Identity
  • Campaigns
  • Visual Merchandising (VM)
  • Brands
  • Centres

The portal has been designed in a way that the specified user groups can easily find the materials they need, when they need them.

As portal administration by the central organization could sometimes be too time-consuming, since often local colleagues have to be consulted, Retailware has decentralized User Management as additional feature. The platform supports both shared user management (Single Sign On or SSO based on oAuth 2.0) and portal user management. Users can be added by self-registration and central approval by a portal administrator, or companies can choose to use the ‘Invited User’ registration method. By implementing this functionality, an internally authorized user can invite different local parties, from inside and outside the organization. It is also possible to specify which parts of the system are open for these users.


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